„White City“ – „Green City“

Two cities in one?

Experience what it means to transport one city to another, from the frenzy of busy streets into the silence of the nature, and judge for yourself which city is Belgrade, the white or the green one. Eather way, make your escape from the usual city destinations  to the peaceful nature scenery.

First stop is Avala, true oasis of peace, only 18km away from Belgrade. While enjoying unique views, you will have the opportunity to find out about history and legends of this mountain, walk to the Monument  to the Unknown Hero, as well as discover its natural masterpieces such as numerous mountain springs.

From the mountain top we are continuing our tour descending towards the confluence of two rivers, Sava and Danube, to the place which is protected nature reserve – the Great War Island. Here you will find an area for recreation, a tourist attraction, but also a piece of intact nature right in the centre of the city.

Finally, you will be the one to answer the question – is Belgrade white or green city.