Breath in the scents of Serbian capital

Tourist guidebooks can tell you all about sights of Serbian capital, but have you thought of discovering its secrets while sipping your morning coffee with the local guide? Instead of usual ways of getting to know the rhythm and life of Belgrade citizens, try something different, discover the culture and lifestyle of Belgraders through interesting and exciting stories.

With your morning coffee starts your new adventure of discovering why Belgrade, city with long history and tradition, is considered a world-class destination. Continue the day by following our guide to some of the most exciting parts of the city. Starting from Knez Mihailova street, in the heart of the city noise and frenzy, which will reveal, as you walk along, well-known charms of Belgrade spirit; continuing to Kalemegdan, one of the famous Belgrade symbols which will make you promise to return soon, St. Sava Church, with its impressive exterior and interior, all the way to city squares and chic Belgrade neighborhoods such as Skadarlija and Savamala, where best days are spent at night.