Finding out about ex-Yugoslavia takes you on a quick tour of its most significant landmarks. We begin with a visit to the House of flowers, a place which will take you on a trip down the memory lane and you will be able to see for yourself why this house is one of the most visited „houses“ in Belgrade. On one hand you will sense the past meeting present, experience richness and wealth of a „house in Dedinje“, and on the other, you will be left with new story to tell and a memory to remember.

We cannot talk about Yugoslavia without mentioning the works created by Yugoslav youth work actions, which is why we are continuing our tour to the building of Federal Executive Council (often reffered to as SIV), to western Belgarde gate or „Genex Tower“ and finally to business center „Usce“ (built as „Palace of Socio-Political Organisations “), with the aim to discover all the major symbols of Yugoslavia.

This short tour will make you feel, at least for a moment, as part of famous Yugoslav history.