Almost every city with a strong identity has its bohemian quarter… After a day full of impressionable sightseeing, while it is getting dark, you will have the chance to see a peculiar side of this city, a street that Belgrade could not do without, a quarter that the city’s identity was built on. Approaching the street from the “upper” side, you start to realize why visiting this place is a must, why most of Belgradians consider it a haven and why it has such a charming name- Skadarlija.

You can sense its cosmopolitan vibe also by looking at the street signs, showing “sister quarters” in other European cities and the inevitable Moon, frequent motif in poems and paintings of the Romantic period. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Serbian food and drinks, accompanied by typical Serbian music, which will help you go back in time, in these, so called “kafanas”, which have been in the same place for more than 180 years….

You will find out why Belgrade University philosophy students are so eager to graduate- so that, once they take one drink too much, nobody would call them drunks, but worthy successors of Skadarlija’s finest bohemians.
Finally, towards the end of the evening, we will make sure you arrive safely to your hotel and wish you good night!