About us

… Our Story Began When Two Friends Met At The Corner Of Two Streets…

Travels have always been organized with the aim to relax, enjoy, explore new destinations popular worldwide, independently or in groups.

And that is exactly how our story began. Walking down the streets of Serbian capital, at a crossroad, we met, compeletely by accident, and so we continued down the same path which led us to today’s 2044 Travel offices. Sharing the same idea – to be your 2044 Travel friends – we created tours and journeys which numerous tourists who have visited our country are talking about. According to your wishes, and with our help, you can see and experience either challenging adventurous days, or visit the places which will offer you true peace and relaxation. Our goal is to listen carefully wishes of each and every one of you and to make a perfect combination of tours which will guide you through this country rich in history, showing you the every day life of its citizens through culture, tradition, art and other numerous experiences that the Serbian capital and other cities have to offer.

So far we have organized many successful trips thanks to our professional guides, experienced in working with both foreign and local tourists, who are helping us in our mission to think outside the box when it comes to tours and sightseeing, and offer you possibility to see Serbia and Belgrade in many different ways.

Following our leads, enjoy Serbian nature, history and culture, and who knows, maybe one day while strolling down the streets and discovering well known Serbian hospitality, you will meet and make a true friend. Exactly the way it happened to us!